Swimming in the Rain

Healing time, we all need it. A place to BE, to relax, to rejuvenate, turn the mind OFF. Four years ago, after I finished radiation, I needed a place to go and let myself settle after CANCER. My husband found a small place in Jamaica, The Jamaica Inn.  A little slice of heaven, a place where there are two TV’s and not much to do. The staff welcomes you home and it’s as if the rest of the world floats away. That’s how it feels.

 We’ve been three times now. We missed last year because of my sister’s stroke. Such a hard year – So much grief, loss, unknowing. Coming back here this year feels like returning to our life – a life where we can be happy to be alive – to take joy in our minds and bodies.

Our last day – it poured buckets. It started while we were on the beach, a torrential downpour. We were still having lunch under our palapas.  We had a decision to make – wait it out on the beach, go in to our room…. or what? What else?

A Venezuelan family ran for the water – laughing, squealing with joy – we made a choice to run, now, fast into the water. Five of us out there now, not hunkered down in the shelter – laughing swirling, putting our faces up to the rain. It was delicious – juicy – perfect. All these beautiful drops perfectly peppering the sea. 

My last swim – I floated looking at the sky – happy to be whole and alive, I made snow angel movements in the water, I prayed, I was grateful.

Choices – What can you do about the rain? It comes with or without our consent. It comes when we don’t want it to during our beautiful lives –

So what we choose to do with the rain is what matters most. 

Posted on June 14, 2017 .