Our Vision is to Uplift the Daily Mood of Patients and Their Support Circles.

Cancer. Wow. Cancer. That is the one word that divides time. A moment that will be marked by where you were standing, who you were with, the delineation marked forever. No one wants to hear that word. Not for themselves, their wife, husband, partner, sister, brother, daughter, son, friend.

My story is like a million others. Every year, I would get a letter back from my annual mammogram results with good news. I have never taken this lightly. My sisters and I share these updates and relish the moment that we stand on the brink of a "yes" or "no." That moment could go either way. Unlike many other things in life, "no" is what you actually want to hear.

2013 was different. I scheduled my mammogram and physicals around my birthday like I usually do (makes it easy), so November came and went. For the first time, I got asked if I wanted to pay an extra $50 for the new 3D imaging, I said “Sure! Why not?" It was in and out; always easy. This time though, instead of that "no" letter a few weeks later, I got a call and was asked to come back about my left side. After that, things changed.

The radiologist was quite confident after the ultra sound and biopsy that it was cancer. The biopsy came back Christmas Eve, benign and yet the doctor held his ground… “I think this is cancer," he said, and it was.  After that point, I was lucky. Good news flowed after the initial cancer diagnosis. And yet, it is all a process.

So, what got me and continues to get me through? Well, this is what GOLisey.com is all about! 

As an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant, I had the opportunity to apply the many tools, theories and approaches I have used with my clients over the last 18 years. Self-coaching, family support, exercise, eating healthy and overall choices about my attitude and mood are what have made the difference with me. Let's not forget humor. Naming this damn disease. Actually saying the word "CANCER." Owning it, focusing on moving through it consciously, deliberately, and purposefully.

My husband, Gordon has joined me in creating and running GOLisey.  I will tell you that you need a strong team to get through any disease, and I'm blessed to have the best working partner a gal could have!

Our goal is to create products to ease the journey through disease.

We hope you feel the spirit in which we have created our products and that we can uplift you or someone you know.  GO, live life, and enjoy!