Have you, a friend or a family member recently been diagnosed with cancer? When a patient gets regular treatments, it often becomes a situation where they will have to wear a depressing hospital gown during some phase of their treatment. Through thoughtful research, we have developed a personalized hospital gown that you own and is part of your treatment plan. Why not wear something uplifting, bright, and happy?

We at GoLisey.com believe your attitude and mind-set are as important to the process as the medical treatments you receive.

Hearing about a family member or friend being diagnosed with cancer can leave you with a feeling of helplessness. Do you want to do something to express your support, care and love? It can be a challenge to find a positive way to show your support during this difficult process. Why not give them a GoLisey.com Glam Gown as a perfect way to say, 'I love and care about you.'


Elise Yanker Hasenei

Founder of GoLisey.com

Breast Cancer Survivor