Look up!

Life passes so quickly.  So much to do.  So many meetings, appointments, responsibilities, chores...you know exactly what I mean.  Sometimes I forget to be present, to be aware to go more gently in my day.  

I was out out walking Max(my darling golden doodle puppy) today.  We were on our regular route.   Several blocks down, hang a right, another right and walk along with bike path named the Green Way.  Today, I happened to look up.   I saw this magnificent, old tree.  I'm sure if was over 100 years old   Huge trunk that split into three large offshoots.  Majestic.  I had to stop, relish in the sturdiness of it, the grounding of it, the leaves backlit by the sun.  

What kind of rush have I been in before on this walk?   Where was my focus?  How could I miss this beautiful site in my own sphere?    

Nite to self, "LOOK UP!"   See the beauty.  Remember life is happening all around us, we just need to see it. What do you see when you look up? 

Posted on July 30, 2017 .