One of my favorite places in the world is the cosmetics department at Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC.  It feels old, classic, feminine, decadent.  It’s in the basement, hidden like a little jewel.  I was most recently there with a client and friend.  We were taking a walk after an all day meeting and were passing by when she said she was dying to go to Bergdorf’s.  I said, why not go in?  After a quick bit of gawking and fawning over the gorgeous baubles, scarves and people on the first floor, we headed down the escalator.  What is it about make up?  The hint, allure, hope of looking better?  Hell, even feeling better? 

As we entered, we realized we had happened on one of Bergdorf’s special moments.  The opening party of a new makeup line.  Complete with champagne, cocktails, a DJ, and gorgeous clientele.  How fun is that?  We were sucked in by the booming music and lovely sales women promising instant eye lifts.  OK, we both bought it hook, line and sinker.  No, I mean seriously we bought two tubes!  We cheered each other on by the visible difference in the mirror.  My purchase was placed in a beautiful lilac bag.

On to another counter, I was looking to replace one of my favorite lipsticks.  I actually wore it to my surprise 50th birthday party.  Luscious neon pink.  A color that looks divine in the summer, against sun kissed skin.  Presto, I found a similar match.  My American Express got a workout and we left lighter than when we went in!

What difference does it make to look better, perkier, brighter, lifted?  I think it makes a huge difference.  Cancer wants to suck you down in to an abyss of fear and ache and pain.  It brings life directly to your doorstep.  As my one friends plainly said, cancer is about mortality.  How scary is that?  Very.

So every little thing you can do to feel better, hopeful, uplifted and upbeat…DO IT!  If it’s pink boa’s, pigtails, cartwheels (go Betsy Johnson!) or tutu’s (all on display at cancer walks and runs!) ----Just go for it.  Who cares?  Let your self be buoyed by a freedom to do what ever you choose.  Choose what you can, claim it with full abandon and proudly.  Let it bring you joy and a sense of controlling something in your life.

I had my annual one-year check with my radiologist last month.  The nurse said, I’ll get you a gown.  Do you know how great I felt saying, “No thank you, I have my own!”   I felt on top of the world.

What makes you feel better? Happier? Lighter? Even a little childish?

Posted on September 8, 2015 .