JJ's Strong Stripes

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JJ gown.png

JJ's Strong Stripes


• Made in the USA

• 100% Cotton

• Each GoLisey Glam Gown comes with an easy carrying tote

• One size fits up to XL


The Guy Gown was inspired by several men who have shown considerable strength in the midst of very difficult diagnoses.  One, leukemia, another prostate cancer, and another a complicated, long hospital stay fraught with a tough battle.  Each of them inspired me to add Guy Gown’s to my site.

John-His unfailing, positive attitude and determination to be leukemia.  He opened his heart to all the support around him and fought the good fight.

Joe-AKA Deacon Joe, a life-long athlete and loving father and husband.  He was stuck in the hospital for a long time and continued to be upbeat, sporting his Guy Gown walking the halls for exercise.  He is a true role model of the mood and attitude necessary to deal with life’s adversities.  

And lastly P. Joyce.  He’s the one who suggested the Guy Gown idea when I launched the business concept.  He talked about hanging out in the radiation line-up in nothing but a flimsy hospital gown.  His incredible humor and story showed me that indeed, men have the same issues with the depressing gowns we women do.  So to him, thank you for making me laugh and helping expand my line.

Our Vision is to uplift the daily mood of patients and their support circles.

All of our designs are limited quantities short run. Once they are sold out, they’re gone. 

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