Power Wash

Sometimes you need a good power wash! Crank it up, aim it and let the water flow! It is rewarding. Cleansing. Empowering. I spent most of my weekend with the power wash wand in my hand, cutting through dirt, algae, grime. I loved it! Spring cleaning at it’s best. Seeing the fruits of my efforts instantaneously. Wash away the winter months, begin the season of growth and sunshine and top-down convertible days.

Spring cleaning….What a great metaphor for life too. I know Marie Kondo is all about cleaning out, I’ll admit I haven’t read the book or watched her show, though I’ve talked to many people who have. Not sure how I feel about giving up my monogrammed high school sweaters, or my homecoming dresses, or my first Lacoste shirt (perfectly faded green by the way). What I do like about her advice, is asking the question, “does it give you joy?” What a great question. A great question for more than things, what about relationships, people, activities?

Recently I had an ending to a twelve year friendship and business partnership. While the circumstances weren’t great that led us there, in the end, did that relationship give me joy any more? Not really. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that a friendship has run its course, time to call it a day. It lasted for a certain season in my life and now it is time to move along. I’m working on the letting go, only if it were as easy as power washing, that would be divine. Though I think my weekend helped give me perspective, something can change, be transformed, released and there can be joy in that. So there’s my reframe today.

What would you like to clean up? Release? Spring is the perfect time to let go!

Posted on April 10, 2019 .