Magic Eight Ball

Do you remember those crazy magic eight balls? Shake it and get your fortune. Yes, no, can’t predict right now? What did that ball have in store for you? That’s how I actually felt about a recent Doctor’s visit. Something unusual happening, and so she wanted to do a uterine sonogram. Really? The last time I had to have one was due to side affects from Tamoxifen. A cancer scare. Now what?

So I waited for my appointment, went in and then waited patiently, or maybe not so patiently, for the Doctor to review the results. Let’s see…shake that magic eight ball….what will the news be? Sorry, you may have uterine cancer, maybe more tests—-still sorry——or you’ve escaped this one and you’re fine. Exhale, it was good news. My lucky day.

Life after cancer is like this. You get diagnosed, you go through treatment, you survive and yet there are always reminders. So what can you do? Live your life, There will be more moments where the crazy eight ball will shake, no sense worrying about those in this moment.

Posted on March 2, 2019 .