Worry Wort

I woke up yesterday with worries on my mind.  Heavy already before my head left the pillows.  Deep worries about my sister and her second stroke, my oldest stepdaughter's struggles, about retirement money....so many worries crowding my brain.

Why the onslaught even before I had had a cup of tea? Why did they flood in so quickly? Why do I carry them on my shoulders? The bigger questions is what good does it do?  Worrying?  I am a worry wort.  I feel things deeply and as if I'm responsible for others.  My brain thinks of a million scenarios that go from bad to worse.  And then I have to break the cycle.  Catch my self. Remember that life is truly one day at a time.  I shift and reframe and say all the things I'm grateful.  My list grows to combat my worries....grateful for:

My home

My able body

My mind that can solve problems

My ability to hold a pen and to write

My clean, wonderful sheets

My clients

My team

My family

My many friends

My sweet, dear puppy Max

My incredible husband

I calm myself.  Right the ship and look towards a day full more of promise than worry.  

What about you? What do you do with your worries?  

Posted on May 1, 2018 .