Poodle Parade

Last night I had a full-on technicolor dream about a poodle parade.  It was fabulous!  Every size, shape and age of poodle, all lined up strutting their stuff.  Incredible fluffed up manes, they know just how just how handsome they were, and they owned it. 

I love dreaming.  Dreams are a place where my brain is not limited by rules, negativity, reality. It's a place to be free.  Last night's dream included staying at a hotel where turn down service included being anointed with lavender oil to help you sleep. I fell in to a deep slumber in my dream.  Now don't even ask how this connected to the poodle parade in the same dream, because it didn't, it was a DREAM!  Dreams don't care if anything makes sense, they have a life of their own.

The waking hours have some parallel to the dream world.  For example, I have a goldendoodle, who is 75% poodle.  Max makes me happy in the hours of the day and warms my feet as I dream.  Lavender oil goes in my baths at night.  But in my dreams, both of these things lived to the extreme, how fun is that?  Dreams are expansive, limitless and are another part of our lives.

I say bring on dreaming to the daylight hours! Allow your mind to have some fun.  So much darkness can fill our days, whether you have cancer, a sick parent or loved one...just life.  Why not take a moment to be free, to lift your mind, to let some beautiful thought take you away.

Why not?  Who will know?  Just imagine, you might see your own poodle parade in your mind's eye!

Posted on April 8, 2018 .