Tooth Fairy

Wasn't it fun to lose a tooth when you were a kid?  The when it started to wiggle and  you'd use your tongue to push it back and forth, just waiting for that magic moment for it to pop out.  Or maybe you asked someone to give it a good yank?  All in anticipation of putting it under your pillow, knowing the Tooth Fairy would retrieve it and replace it with a quarter or a dollar, or whatever amount seemed like a big deal at the time. 

There's something about believing, hoping, knowing someone is out there that is going to take care of you.  Make you feel special, like you are the only person on the planet ...even if just for one night.  Being grown up, or adulting as the millennials call it, kind of sucks.  No more Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy.  All those silly things we believed in as children.  Things are so serious, logical, practical now. Especially when it comes to illness, diagnoses,

So how do we create more magic? More lightness? More fancy in our lives?  I think it's by surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up.  Inspire us, motivate us, make us laugh. Two nights ago, my dear friend Vicki (also the person who came up with the name for GO Lisey) threw herself a birthday party!  Each of us felt so honored to be invited.  It was a glorious group of women.  The conversations were flowing, the laughter, the joy of being together.  It lifted me up!

I also got reminded by another friend at the party, Carol, that i needed to get back to writing my blog.  She said she missed it when I stopped writing.  She reminded me to open my eyes again to look for all those moments that sparked simple messages, stories, something I want to share.  And POOF, it was as if the Tooth Fairy had left a story under my pillow for me to find this morning.  Sometimes we all need us to be reminded to keep looking in life and gifts will be revealed.  I let life get in the way these past couple of months, all I needed was that push to get back at it.  Thank you Carol!

What will you find hidden under your pillow tomorrow morning?

Posted on March 31, 2018 .