Bad Dream

“It will all be like a bad dream, like your cancer never happened.” That's what the first oncologist said to me five years ago. That pissed me off, it was condescending and from a true place of not really knowing.  Bad dream was not accurate.  Cancer was a seminal point in my life, not a nightmare.   Read my blog “You’re fired!”  that was that oncologist!

Five year's ago on Christmas Eve, I got the news the biopsy I had on my left breast was benign, but the radiologist said "I know this is cancer, regardless of the biopsy."  He was so right and amazing.  He had the courage to tell me the truth and the compassion of knowing how this call would impact me?  Can you imagine what his Christmas Eve was like calling people and telling them "you have cancer" or delivering the gift, "you don't have cancer."  God love that man.  He told the hard truths to others like me that day.  While my family was celebrating the diagnosis of benign biopsy that night, I knew he was right. 

Five years later, New Year's 2018, I am healthy and free of cancer for now.  I don't see cancer as a bad dream, it gave me the vision for GO Lisey, it was a challenge to show my tenacity and fortitude.  It showed me how to ask for help from my family and friends and to see how much they really love me.  It inspired me to write about my experience to share and lift others up.   Glam Gowns and Guy Gown and more to come!

I know with lobular breast cancer, my chances of the cancer coming back in ten years is real. And I know I have what it takes to battle attitude, choosing my mood, collecting my support system and medical team, taking care of my health....all tools to tackle it if it come back.

You know what...use your cancer as an opportunity to reevaluate, to ask for help, to see what you are made of!  Cancer is not a bad dream---yes it sucks, and it can have many blessings if you choose to see them.  I'm alive, I'm healthy, I survived...I can celebrate that!  So happy 2018...what are you going to celebrate today?



Posted on January 8, 2018 .