Full Moon

 I'm at the beach this week celebrating the end of the summer with my sisters. This has  become a tradition --it's our fourth year now. It's a wonderful way to end to end the season--or as my sister Candy would say "to punctuate" the summer!

Last night we had our  favorite splurge dinner, Thrasher's french fries(for the girls) and a vanilla dipped cone in chocolate for me! Pure decadence. It's the kind of thing you only want to do once a year. We enjoyed every bite, why not?

As we were sitting on the boardwalk people watching , I noticed a bunch of people taking pictures at the beach, standing on the benches clamoring to walk down closer to the water. I turned around and looked, and saw the most incredible orange moon. It was spectacular. It was one of those moments in life where you just have to pause and look up – – to recognize the beauty in our lives.

Sometimes it's hard, especially  when you're sick, or hurting, or in pain, or just plain too busy to  to see what's around you.  Last night standing on the beach, looking up at that magical orange moon – – by the way it was impossible to catch by a camera, I just couldn't get the color quite right --as if it didn't want it to be captured on camera and wanted to be frozen in your minds eye-- I thought about how so many things in our lives that cannot be captured by a word, a picture, an explanation, you just can't express what you've seen or how you felt. That's how the moon seemed  to me last night. So instead of attaching a picture of that moon, I'll let you imagine it, and will attach a picture of me enjoying that big, delicious ice cream cone.

What  moment, experience, feeling do you have in your life but it's just too hard to express to someone else? 

Posted on September 8, 2017 .