Last week I was in New York for work. Hurried one morning getting out of a taxi, my brand new, perfect, black patent leather pump fell out in the trunk… only me! I got to the meeting location to discover it was gone.

            Ok - reality check - no big deal - it’s a shoe! This September as hurricanes continue to hit the Caribbean, the South, Texas and earthquakes in Mexico - true tragedies everywhere. Then there are the words individuals hear everyday around the globe, “you have cancer”, “this is terminal”, “here are your odds”, “your child is sick, your spouse or partner, mother, father, sister, or brother.” Those moments in time where the loss hits you deep in your core - your soul. It may not be visible to the outer world like downed trees or flattened buildings, and yet it has shaken your foundation.

            So back the shoe - how could this stupid shoe relate at all to the true pain occurring in people’s lives? Well - I’ll tell you! I was determined to find that perfect black pump - to track it down from a New York City cab trunk. What were my odds of success? Lots of New Yorkers scoffed and said “Good Luck!” If it had been lost in an uber the odds would’ve increased, but this was the needle in the haystack situation!

            My mom used to say I was tenacious --- I am. So I called the 311 number on the taxi receipt. I got the cab company name and number, I called four times - no one picked up. Four messages regarding the story of the perfect –black- patent- leather pump - never worn ( I might’ve sounded crazy - I prefer to think I was a modern day Cinderella searching for her own shoe and not waiting around for Prince Charming!)

            And so….I finally got a call from the cab driver! He had my shoe - he dropped it off at the hotel I stay at and it’s on its merry way now to me in the mail!

            Be tenacious in fighting. Believe you will find a way to beat the odds. KNOW you have the fortitude to call and call and call to get answers. Don’t let the disease attack you or your loved one - attack it!

            How can you be more tenacious – more BOLD? 

Posted on September 20, 2017 .