Take a deep breath


It feels so good to take a deep breath, take a few. Let the air in through your nose and travel through your body, let it fill you up and exhale --- let it go.

I just started back to yoga; I had been away from it since my mom died twelve years ago. I used to be faithful. Every Tuesday at noon for over ten years with the yogi Judith Light (isn’t that a lovely name?).  My dear friend ---a sister of the heart- … went with me. And then when mom died I looked at her sedentary lifestyle and started running.  Running feels so good---and yet it is as different from yoga as can be.

So I’m back after a long time, and it feels delicious. I love grounding my feet to the Earth, thinking purposely of the placement of each part of my body and focusing on my breath. A function that is so truly automatic. We forget how core it is to life.


No matter where you are in your process with your illness, just diagnosed, or knee deep in it with surgery and treatment---or now living as a survivor---- remember to take a deep breath-

You are alive.

You are here.

You are strong.

You are beautiful.



How do you practice being present?  Being grounded?  Being centered?



Posted on August 8, 2017 .