Life Is Life

I’ve been thinking about this concept for years now. Life - it keeps coming, whether we like it or not - until it doesn’t. Life is unmapped territories, twists, turns, ups, downs. All the planning in the world can’t help you what’s really next.  We can’t see what’s around the corner, no matter how hard we try.

So what then? Give up if there’s no control? Throw your hands up?  No - it’s not giving up, it’s realizing you have is how you go THROUGH life. How you cope, deal with the crap, attack the disease, the heart ache, the losses.  That’s the solution.  Choose how you are going to go through it.

My dear Grandmother Ursie used to say, all I have to do in this life is pay taxes and die - I can be certain of those two things. She made me laugh. It is the truth. The death past isn’t a laughing matter and yet that is ____, we will all go - exit. Move on.

So today, is what we have. How do we conquer the diagnosis, the care giving, the pain? What are the choices if the other things are not mine to control?

Wondering why me? Why now? There is no answer to the question. It’s the wrong question. The read question is what now? How now?


Life is life - it’s joy, it’s sadness, it’s progress, it’s failure, it’s boredom and exhaustion, it’s pride and shame. It’s everything and sometimes, all at once.


The BIG question is how do you want(?) to do your LIFE - you chose 

Posted on August 31, 2017 .