Say Cheese! 


Today is my husband's birthday. Like many men, he is impossible to buy for. And yet there is one thing that always pleases– – a photo album. A good, old school, lowtech photo album.  I comment on the pictures, add bits and pieces;   Ski passes, hotel room keys, maps, airline tickets (he loves first class). Not exactly scrapbooking, but not too far from it! 

  I can't say why he loves these so much. Maybe it's because I put the time, effort, and thought into making them just for him. Maybe he is sentimental underneath all the bravado? Having our adventures documented physically and tangibly  makes a difference to him. 

 I had a funny conversation with the guy the photo kiosk last week, he was making prints for his wife. We talked about how people really don't do this anymore, now that everything is digital.

What is it about real photos? I think my brother-in-law Stan knows the answer--/he's our family photographer. Always with the camera, bugging the crap out of everyone, yet everyone loves the product.  Stan has documented our lives, our celebration---the birthdays, holidays, weddings and even sweet summer nights like last night.

He took Gordon and I to a Nationals baseball game for Gordon's birthday.  It was perfect evening .  No DC humidity, Predident's club table at the rail and a fantastic game (Even I paid attention!)   And, of course, Stan took pictures of us! And the pictures we have now are wonderful....capturing a moment, a combination of people, a celebration that will never happen . I guess that's it, pictures freeze frame an instant that will never reoccur never be replicated....a special slice of time.

What's your favorite photograph?

Posted on August 14, 2017 .