My New Friend, Patience

“Where have you been for eight months?” I’m sure some of you may be asking….actually, I’ve been wondering the answer to that question myself!

My oldest sister had a massive right brain stroke at the end of May.  A horrible, terrible stroke-I thought cancer sucked (don’t get me wrong- it does), but her stroke has given me a new perspective on my health.

Eight months ago, the thought of my calendar, schedule, work, to-do list, and throw in my daughter’s wedding In September filled my busy life. SO much to do in so little time…and then this.

The last I heard from Becky was on Saturday night, May 21st. A picture was sent on our family ‘What’s App.’ She had been sailing that day- such a glorious, happy, sun-filled picture. She was in her element…and then nothing. Radio silence.  Calling and texting her- nothing. We began to worry by the end of Sunday night. By Monday morning, my other sister and I were very concerned.  I called a friend of hers who found another friend to go look at her house. Becky was there and had been on the floor for almost 2 days.

What did we do? My other sister and I left our lives, ones that felt so full, busy, scheduled & committed and dumped everything for a month to go to California. (A crisis does this). It gives a completely different lens on life. What once seemed important was no longer the most important thing in life.

That month seems like a time out of place. A blur, surreal, indescribable in what was endured, accomplished and overcome. Who knew you could return a new Lexus to the dealer?…(that’s a story for another time…).

Many days I felt myself hovering over the situation, watching the pain and the exhaustion. Observing the dynamics- truly, you can’t take the coach consultant out of me- Side note; I even wrote a family orientation program for the acute rehab center she was in for two weeks- I couldn’t resist! They needed it so much, I couldn’t help myself.

Those days were littered with the tiniest of achievements. My sister feeling the sense of touch on her left leg and arm, turning her head to the left and finally swallowing and eating after 4 weeks.

Yes, my new friend patience. We’ve become very close.  Some days (like yesterday), Patience must have been out of town. I even had a good old fashioned scream out loud…It felt SO good- a release. Hopefully Patience heard wherever she trotted off to and will come back to hang out with soon. I need her now more than ever…

Posted on February 15, 2017 .