Full Moon

Today is a full moon kind of day— not a half glass full or half glass empty day, it’s actually a full glass kind of day.  Recently a professor Notre Dame, Matt Bloom, gave a Class on the science of happiness. One of the tools he recommended was Daily mapping. This technique was based on research he’s conducted on happiest places on the planet.  So simply this tool goes like this, at the end of every day put a happy face or sad face on your calendar.  Was it a good day or was it a bad day-that simple.   See what patterns you notice. And if you’ve got a whole series of bad days, it might be time to look at doing something different. Or if you’ve got a series of happy faces,  what do you want to keep doing ensure those happy faces continue? Sounds overly simple? It is. So this week I started it. It’s enormously gratifying. I found today that I drew a huge :-), in sharpie no less, because today was one of those wonderful, busy, happy Fall days. The sun was shining, I had the top down on the car, are even saw my stepson randomly in the car ahead of me on the beltway! And tonight I was out walking my puppy Max and looked up to see this beautiful full moon. And I thought, yes it was a full moon kind of day. What about you? Good day or bad day?

Posted on November 5, 2017 .