Sip, Shop, and Save the TaTas

 OK so there are lots of reports out that say multitasking is really not efficient. Research, evidence, you know that kind of stuff. I think I have an example of fabulous multitasking t – – on Saturday I held an event in partnership with Chris Novack, the owner of the consignment shop New to you. I’ve known Chris for over 20 years.    It’s the kind of place you go with your girlfriends. It’s the kind of place you go with your sisters. It’s the kind of place you go with your daughter, your nieces, all those women in your life you adore and love. I even went there with my sister Candy, right after my mom died. I know that sounds crazy but we needed a little shopping therapy, and shopping therapy we got. I bought the most fabulous Gucci pantsuit  (when Tom Ford was designing for Gucci) what an incredible find!  I still have that suit 15 years later ...quality does last...and I think of my Mom every time I wear it.

There is something about how small the shop is, the Tiffany blue paint color, the fun finds, that make you just better.   Your mood gets lifted. 

Shopping is not going to Save the earth, solve world hunger.... but it sure can lift your mood, especially when done with your favorite women. The thrill of finding something that was meant for you, that someone else decided that they were done with, but knew it had another life, is just fabulous. I know lots of people who don’t go for consignment shopping – – I understand they think it’s kind of yucky.  Buying something someone else wore, but not me.  I really do love the idea of passing things along.

So I don’t know, maybe consignment shopping saves the planet just a little bit, does it’s part in helping us go green and recycle, or maybe it’s just a simple as helping all of us clean out our closets.  

So on Saturday Kris and I joined forces.  We had  pink “boobly”, women are going to shop, they can get their make up done with perfect pink lip, by Ky Washington, and if they want they can buy a Glam Gownfor themselves or one of their dear ones who’s been diagnosed or who is a survivor. All for a good cause, saving the Tatas. 5% of all sales will will go to the Breast Cancer Reasearch Foundation.

So sipping, shopping, and saving the Tatas may be one small step in helping with Breast Cancer  awareness. Hug those special women in your life! Celebrate the survivors and toast that’s ones we’ve loved and lost to breast cancer!

GO Lisey team! 

GO Lisey team! 


Fellow survivors! 


Ky Washington, makeup artist! 



Posted on October 22, 2017 .