Too-da-loo 2016!

OK is that even how you spell too-da-loo?  Handwriting my blog doesn’t afford me the opportunity for spell check, so I can’t be sure.  Does anyone, besides me, even say too-da-loo anymore?  I guess I could’ve said goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu, but none of those had certain flair, a certain joie de vivre.  So too-da-loo 2016 it is!

Last day of the year, and much to look at.  First of all, I am only one day away from the end of my annual one-mile-a-day challenge. It starts Thanksgiving and goes until New Year’s Day.  My dear friend, colleague and cancer supporter, Tanya, got me going on this about three years ago.  When she proposed the idea, it seemed easy, run one mile a day over the holidays.  No big whoop.  For people who exercise ever day, maybe not.  For those of us who are 3-4 times a week people, it takes a real commitment.  The most amazing part of it is setting the goal and staying committed no matter what.  This year included freezing rain, night runs (which are so fun because I see all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood!), a fast walk in the airport terminal (I figure a mile any way you get it counts) and I’ve even slept in my workout clothes for an early morning run-true.  Point being, it’s not the mile it’s the goal.  Setting a fixed vision in the mind’s eye and finding how obstacles get pushed aside when you are determined to achieve it.  By New Year’s Day, I feel good about my self, healthy, and have a great boost to my spirit!

Visions, goals, dream are all so important.  They impact the part of our brain called the reticular activator.  It sorts for us, allows things to come in to hyper-focus.  The reticular activator opens your eyes to possibilities that enable you to reach your goal.  You will see fresh, creative ways to overcome, meet people out of the blue to support you, receive strange, little boosts that seem to guide, encourage, nudge you all on the right path to achieve your vision.  Awareness and focus on generating success is at the forefront of your brain!  Try it if you don’t believe me.  Google it if you are a skeptic.

In 2016 a couple of other incredible visions were realized…my daughter’s epic, perfect, gorgeous wedding, my business model transforming and my sister walking after months of physical therapy (post-stroke).  Becky is a role model of strength, tenacity, endurance and human spirit.  She told one of my nephews in the summer, said it OUT LOUD, “I WILL dance at Stephanie’s wedding!” and she did.  She danced and jiggled her heart out to four songs.  She can go up and down stairs now, she’s gotten some movement in her left shoulder and hand, and in 2017 she is starting more rigorous therapy at Walter Reed and Virginia Hospital Center.  She is setting new goals for her self.  I’ve seen how goals focus her, give her hope and renewed determination.

We all get crap handed to us in life, or maybe not crap, just stuff.  Stuff that changes us, our course, our relationships, our abilities---we can’t necessarily change the stuff; what we can affect is what we choose to do with the stuff.  What choices will we make to endure, overcome, succeed, and flourish in spite of the stuff?

This year I don’t have a resolution, I have TWO WORDS, keys to happiness-


This is how I want to BE in 2017, each day to relish in what I have, what I am able to do, the love I can give and receive and know that each day has hidden moments, joys, shiny pennies, if only I look for them.

What are your two words for 2017?  How do you want to be in this new year of your life? What describes the way you want to walk, skip, saunter through your next 365 days?

Name it. Claim it. Own it. DO IT!


Posted on December 31, 2016 .