Before and After

There are moments in time that mark before and after. They divide what was and the new reality.  Losing parents is like that. I remember when I lost my mom, I felt untethered. The reality that I had no parents left settled in a bit like being an orphan....a scary and strange new place.

Getting married, getting divorced, accidents—these are all oddly these new placeholders in our lives. Cancer is a biggy. I remember the exact days, December 18th, December 20th, December 24th, January 17th. Mammogram, call back, biopsy, biopsy results, final news declaring cancer. They are forged in my mind.

My new reality: It’s been 2 years since this all began and still life after cancer is so different.

I am grateful at an elevated level; I don’t take as much for granted. I don’t drink coffee anymore (lost my taste for it- weird huh?) I have to mark I had cancer on all my medical forms. I take two drugs daily. I see lots of doctors now. Surgeon, radiologist, oncologist, gynecologist, internist. Ugh. My boob still hurts, the scars ache when it rains. Lots of reminders and yet it’s all good. I am ALIVE. I am a survivor. I have been blessed with knowing it can all change in a moment- yes or no.

What’s changed you?

What are your moments that divide time?

Posted on December 31, 2015 .