a group of attendants or associates, as of a person of rank or importance:

The opera singer traveled with an entourage of 20 people.


surroundings; environment:

a house with a charming entourage of trees and flowers.


Architecture. the landscaping and other nearby environmental features shown on a rendering of a building.

I had an entourage.  I did indeed.  You need an entourage if you get cancer for lots of things.  Support, food (Ben and Jerry’s bless you), laughter, crying, encouragement and yes, even pink stuff. 

If you get cancer, or have a friend or family member who has it, a support system is critical.  As a coach, I work with people on a regular basis on managing stress.  One of the key elements of stress management is having a support system.  Having your peeps.  Maybe it’s one; maybe it’s 20 or 30.  It doesn’t matter; you need to get your ducks in a row.  Like Christmas Eve day when I was waiting on the results of the biopsy I had 4 days earlier.  Can you imagine how that would suck?  Christmas Eve day? When the Radiologist called, my husband, stepdaughter, stepson, sisters were all present.  I needed them.  The news was surreal, the biopsy didn’t validate it was cancer, but the Radiologist was 99% sure I had cancer.  I needed them to undergird me (my friend Sallie’s saying) to get through Christmas.  And they were there for me through it all.

Next up, surgery.  Excised biopsy to see if it really was cancer (you know it was sister!).  My niece and nephew went all the way to Georgetown to get me special Ben and Jerry’s from their store for when I woke up.  I’d love to blame gain my 10 lb. weight gain on them, but I can’t because all that deliciousness was medicinal.  Just like their love. 

The day I got the call, January 17, 2013 (I was in the kitchen oh by the way).  I wanted to crumble.  It was a Friday.  I had to fly to Huntsville on Monday for a week of work.  My cousins’ wife drove from Atlanta and met me at the airport as soon as I got through security.  My knees went weak.  I was safe.  I could do this.  I had my support system.  She stayed with me and kept me company at night.  The two of us lying in bed talking way longer than I should’ve been since I had to work the next day.

Next up, radiation.  Thirty-three glorious days of it.  Blessings come in all packages.  This is one.  One and one half miles to the hospital from my front door.  And that’s how the radiation walks began.  Who knew people would be signing up to join me?  Really?  Who wants to go to a hospital to hang out?  My radiation techs thought it was hysterical.  They always wanted to know who was coming in my entourage.  My sisters, husband, brother in law, friends, clients.  It was amazing.  We talked and walked, lamented cancer, discussed life and what was for dinner.  It didn’t matter; I had someone with me who cared.  Who wanted to be a part of the process.  They wanted to BE with me right there in the middle of it.  Does it get any better than that?

Who’s in your entourage?  How do they rally around you for whatever it is?  Let them know, they are IT.  Your very own entourage. 




Posted on December 2, 2015 .